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Anne Stephens suffered for nearly two years with severe leg pain.Testimonials

She sought treatment only at the insistence of her husband after a visit with her grandchildren in California found her nearly incapacitated.

"I couldn't even walk to the mailbox anymore," said the active 73 year old.

Her husband, Billy, knew something had to be done. "She couldn't even get up in the morning without hurting. I knew when it hurt badly enough, she would do something about it."

They sought help from the family doctor who referred Mrs. Stephens to an orthopedic physician. He said the problem was not skeletal but vascular. She sought treatment from vascular surgeon Ross Davis, MD.

"He sent me to Southeast Alabama Medical Center for an ultrasound," she said.

A screening at the Heart & Vascular Center revealed a blockage of the iliac artery. Mrs. Stephens had severe blockage in the right leg, which was the most problematic, and some in her left.

Dr. Davis put stents in both legs.

"I now walk with absolutely no pain," Mrs. Stephens said. "That night after the surgery I got up and walked around at the hospital. I had instant relief. The surgery went wonderful. I had no pain and I wasn't sore. I was very impressed with Dr. Davis."

Mrs. Stephens had bypass surgery at Southeast Alabama Medical Center in 1997. Her husband was the first open heart surgery performed at the Medical Center in 1986.

The two say they owe their lives to the care and treatment they've received at SAMC.

"It's our hospital," Mrs. Stephens said. "We go there for everything."

"I'm proud of our hospital," Mr. Stephens added. "It's always improving itself."