Southeast Alabama Medical Center understands the importance of investing in state of the art technology. That is why SAMC4153Surgery offers the latest advancements in surgical services such as the daVinciĀ® Robotic Surgical System. Our comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient surgical services is backed by highly trained surgeons, many of whom are leaders in their respective specialties, and a team of caring healthcare professionals. Surgeries at SAMC are performed in our four-story Surgery Tower which houses 18 high tech surgery suites, a clinical laboratory, and 32 critical care beds for cardiac care, intensive care and cardiovascular intensive care.

Surgeries performed at SAMC include:

  • Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Heart and Vascular Surgery
  • Breast Cancer Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • General Surgery

For more information about Surgical Services at SAMC, call 334-712-3336 or 1-800-735-4998.

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
Laparoscopic surgery is a technique that dramatically reduces the recovery time for many operations, and SAMC offers this minimally invasive surgical technique in many specialties. The daVinci Robotic Surgical System is the latest technology to be introduced in laparoscopic surgery. The daVinci Surgical System uses computer-assisted robotics technology, enabling surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures while allowing the surgeon greater visualization, enhanced precision and control and superior ergonomics. Patients benefit from smaller incisions, less post-operative pain and discomfort, reduced recovery time and shorter hospital stays. Currently, SAMC's surgeons use the daVinci system for urological (prostatectomies), gynecological and cardiovascular surgeries including select heart valve repairs.

Heart and Vascular Surgery
Supported by today's most advanced medical technology, SAMC's highly skilled heart and vascular specialists, along with an experienced team of nurses and technical staff, perform the latest heart and vascular surgical treatments. Heart and Vascular surgical procedures offered at SAMC include coronary valve replacement and/or repair, coronary artery by pass and off-pump by pass procedures, and repair of thoracic aortic aneurysms. Each year, we care for more than 500 heart and vascular surgical patients who consistently experience excellent outcomes.

Breast Cancer Surgery
SAMC offers a full range of surgical procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer including:

  • Stereotactic biopsy, a minimally invasive biopsy done on an outpatient basis
  • Core biopsy, which allows multiple, small cones of tissue to be removed
  • Surgical biopsy, which removes a mass while under local anesthesia
  • Surgical tumor removal via lumpectomy or mastectomy
  • Reconstructive breast surgery following tumor removal

Orthopedic Surgery
SAMC is recognized for its comprehensive orthopedic surgery program, which includes knee surgery, shoulder arthroscopy, major joint replacement procedures, specialized hand treatment and foot and ankle procedures.

In addition, SAMC's orthopedic surgery education program helps prepare patients and their caregivers for orthopedic surgery. SAMC's innovative approach has proven successful in reducing the recovery period and returning patients to the activities of daily living through regained strength, independence and confidence.

General Surgery
A leader in general surgery, SAMC offers a wide range of general surgical procedures including the latest endoscopic techniques in our dedicated endoscopy suites.

For more information about surgical services at SAMC, call 334-712-3336 or 1-800-735-4998.